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Multicultural Retreat - Montreal

Multicultural Retreat – Montreal

Pastor's Wives Retreat - Edmonton

Pastor’s Wives Retreat – Edmonton

Entwistle Ladies Retreat

Entwistle Ladies Retreat

My Alter-ego,

My Alter-ego, “Harriet”,  bringing her own peculiar brand of wisdom!

Women's Mission Trip Mexico 208

Women’s Mission Trip
Mexico 2008

When Things Have Changed

When Things Have Changed

About the only thing that hadn’t changed in her life, was that things kept changing. It seemed like only yesterday she was getting used to her new husband, his traditions, his family, and dreaming of making a life together. All of that had been turned upside down now as her identity as ‘wife’ had changed to ‘widow’, her comfortable life became one of poverty, her familiar surroundings had been replaced with a foreign country and unfamiliar faces eyed her every move as she passed. She couldn’t even produce a reference as she tried to look for work! Talk about being in transition – her life was nothing but change!

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Tell Me When the Party Is

Tell Me When the Party Is

It had been a difficult time for Kim and her family – a time of upheaval, uncertainty and long days filled with unexpected challenges and demands. The most difficult pieces had been the loneliness she had often felt during the past several months and how hard it had been to keep praying in faith.
“So, tell me when the party is”, a friend announced when their ordeal was finally over.
‘Party!?!’… thought Kim. Emotionally, physically and spiritually spent, the last thing Kim felt like doing was celebrating with the people who seemed to evaporate over time when Kim’s family desperately needed their support. Continue reading

The Wonder of Christmas

The Wonder of Christmas

“This place wouldn’t make the cover of ‘Home and Garden’ – but I think it looks perfect!” smiled Sara as she stood back to admire her festive livingroom. She put the empty storage bags, ornament boxes and spare bulbs back into the plastic bins and headed for the basement. On route, she stopped at the microwave to heat up a mug of water for a well deserved cup of hot chocolate. Once everything was tucked away, she turned down the lights to enjoy the full effect of the twinkling lights and curled up on the couch. Continue reading

Top Ten Reasons To Forgive

Top Ten Reasons To Forgive

10. You can stop feeling the pit in your stomach every time you see the person who wronged you.

 9. God is only willing to forgive us when we’re willing to forgive others. (Matt. 6:14,15; Luke 6:37)

 8. You’ll reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart attacks, ulcers, headaches and sleepless nights.

 7. It promotes unity in the church. (Ephesians 4:31,32)

 6. Your face can stop looking like you have rubber bands around it.

 5. It’s how God expects His chosen people to behave. (Col. 3:12-14)

 4. The offense no longer has power over your mind or body.

 3. Forgiveness paves the way for conviction and repentance in the life of the one who wronged you. ((Romans 12:17-21)

 2. Healing in your own life can begin.

 1. God is glorified when we obey Him. (1John 5:2,3)

The Prayer of the Put Aside

The Prayer of the Put Aside

I was so unprepared for the searing pain that tore open my heart that bright morning and exposed just how vulnerable and human I was! I had been asked to fill in for a small and, what I viewed as, insignificant ministry task. I can’t honestly say I was thrilled about doing it, but I quietly agreed and gave it my very best effort.

As I entered the church that morning – there they were. “They” were a wonderful group of godly, gifted people, preparing for a ministry that I had been passionate about for decades….a ministry I had desired to see come to fullness….a ministry that was now moving in a direction I had dreamed and prayed about for years….a ministry I had devoted countless seen and unseen hours to….a ministry I was no longer included in. I suddenly felt even smaller and more insignificant than the task I was about to do and I had to pray for the strength to stay and see it though.  Continue reading